It's Love

today i finished reading manhwa:
"It's Love"
have 42 volumes n each volume has around 40 pages.
i could finish the manhwa in one day..
the manhwa is about love between three brothers with a girl..
the girl, Eun Sera, from the orphanage,
taken by their mother..
how they manage to get her?
which one of them can get her?
thats make this story become interesting..
i love the manhwa becoz the genre is romance...
love it!!!
see it at:

Hot Blooded Women

today i finished reading the manhwa:
"Hot Blooded Woman"
it very interesting manga,
n the most important thing, it is completed,
it have 24 volumes n each volume has around 100 pages..
so many (i take 3 days to finished it)....
but don't worry,
this manhwa haven't boring part even one page..
trust me!!
very funny, n the story is different from the others manga that i have readed, i hope i can the best manga with others,
to those who like manga,
i suggest this manga,
view it at: